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Case File

[Locked to everyone with the exception of company employees]

Subject: Sydney Greene (known aliases: Sid)
Abilities: Self-transmutation
Detail: Subject's ability enables her to transform her body into an armored state, allowing for an exponential increase in strength and durability.
Further Notes:
Research has suggested that the metal substance Greene's body converts to may be the chemical element Osmium (Os) due similarities in the area of density along with resistance to high temperatures and acids, this hypothesis has yet to be confirmed since it has been observed that the Greene's body when in it's transformed state has a slightly stronger opposition to electrical currents then that of natural osmium (0 C 81.2)
Preliminary testing confirmed that Greene's ability is limited to affecting only her body; she remains incapable of transforming the molecular makeup of anything or anyone else.

Location: Hartsdale, New York
DOB: 08 /02/1989
Sex: F
Height: 5'7
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color: Auburn
Scars and Marks:Scar tissue on left side of neck from isotope injection.
Occupations: Student

Personal History:
The only child of single parent Walter Greene subject was moved to a state funded all girls home when she was seven years old after her father overdosed on oxycodone.

Excluding an episode that occurred when subject was eight (see police report located on page three) Greene seemed to maintain a "normal" childhood in reference to social habits and emotional growth, and was referred to as being a positive child with a respect for others and authority. Subject also maintained slightly above average grades throughout junior high-school and her freshman year of high-school.

Subject first manifested during a confrontation four years ago when, sources claim, after a boy two years older made a jokingly sexual advance on her Greene transformed the composition of her hand and forearm before she twisted the boy's arm violently causing a compound fracture in his right ulna bone in front of two other students. Greene fled the scene in panic and was picked up by company agents two days later.

Greene has remained at the Hartsdale, NY facility since; she has been undergoing company training for the past three years and has made the request to be allowed to apply her talents to field operations.

This request is currently under review.

Psychological Profile:
Possibly unstable. Although subject often displays a seemingly obedient, corporative and oddly cheery demeanor, some sources worry that such an unstable home life coupled with a reported sexual incident involving an older male when Greene was eight may have resulted in severe unresolved psychological trauma. It has been recommended that any shifts in mood or behavior be closely monitored and noted.


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