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[Locked to everyone with the exception of Company employees]
1. I'm an evolved human whose abilities manifested when I was fourteen, right in front of my high school no less; it was sort of like that nightmare where you show up to school wearing only you're underwear only bloodier and far more problematic.
2. The aforementioned ability is labeled as self transmutation, which in simple everyday joe terms means I can transform the outward composition of my body into a harder, far more resilient substance. It's pretty neat if I'm allowed a little ego stroking.
3. I can withstand temperatures up to 3033 C, 5491 F
4.Unfortunately my threshold for electrical currents is considerably less which is a bitch and a half
5. It takes me 3.57 seconds (at my best time) to convert my entire body, 1.13 seconds for single limbs usually
6. The longest I've been able to maintain a fully transformed state was for 17 hrs. straight (that was a long day)
7.My marksmanship is considered "satisfactory". Which I think is another way of saying not good enough.
8. I asked about being allowed to work in field operations two weeks ago, but the request is still under review.
9. Currently I live in Hartsdale,NY, I didn't have much of a say in the matter but I've gotten used to it.
10. I think it's naive to attempt to categorize things, especially people, in terms of good or bad, black or white, the world's much more complicated then that.

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